Genealogy of the family Bax, originating from Leende

BAX, six centuries at home in Leende and Leenderstrijp


On Saturday November 28th 1998 the "heemkundekring" (circle of people that investigates and preserves the sources of the past) of the "Heerlijkheid Heeze - Leende- Zesgehuchten" presents again another book with an extensive (wide) family-tree ("stam" = tribe), this time about the old-Leendean family Bax. The presentation starts at 14:30h. You are very welcome.


The sewn? (not paperback / not glued) book is printed with a format 175x240mm (like this folder) and contains over 300 pages. The family-tree data starts in the 14th century (1301-1400) and stretches out to our own time. The children of the female branch born after 1930 are, if known, also included.

Besides interesting old photos and other illustration material the book contains the sources where the data are obtained. So further investigations are made easier.

A page of the tax-book from the lord (heer = lord, master) of the manor? (heerlijkheid = the land / possession / property of the "heer") of Heeze, Leende and Zesgehuchten from 1545.

The meaning of the name and the distribution

The workgroup has done several investigations on the source, meaning and spelling of the name BAX. Several theories seem to exist. The spread of the family is largely present (spoken of).

In the census of 1947 it was evident that Leende was still the municipality with proportionately (relatively) the most BAXes, almost

5 percent! Descendants were found in Brazil, Canada, and Australia. These data are also recorded.


Boeree wrote in his work "The Chronicles of the Family Backx" that the name is spread over all of Holland, "but if one was able to use all genealogical data it would be evident that all the branches are originating from East-Brabant". This surely is also a fact for the investigated family Bax from Leende. It (the family) stayed, besides some exeptions, living (dwelling) in the surroundings of Leende.
Some places where, genealogically speaking, the name Bax occurs more than 10 times are: Aalst, Achel (Belgium), Astern, Budel, Bergeijk, Eersel, Gastel, Geldrop, Hamont (B), Heeze, Helmond, Leende, Lommel (B), Luyksgestel, Maarheeze, Nederweert, Neerpelt (B), Nijmegen, Schijndel, Sint-Oedenrode, Soerendonk, Valkenswaard, Veldhoven, Weert en Westerhoven.
The devotional pamphlet ( Bid = pray, prentje = print/picture) of Peter Bax (1864? on the card it says 17-March 1860), born at Leende, The family moved to Budel.

The family Bax has produced "spraakmakend figuren" (people one talks about because they are special or famous; " speak-making figures"). We mention Laurentius Bax who became a priest / vicar in Kentucky (USA) in the 19th century, and Jan Bax who, as an alderman and citizen of Leenderstrijp, has been the big defender for getting its own St. John school in that hamlet.
There is mentioning of the branche of Bax in Leende and Strijp. Both are originating from the same stem (tribe). The (Leender-)Strijp branch arises around 1500 at the birth of Jenne Bax. She married Jan Hendrik Berchmans from Strijp. Later on the family called itself Bax.
The Luyksgestel-branch, to mention one more, arose amongst others from Petrus Bax. The Budel-branche goes back to a Jan Bax who came into this world in 1832 in Leende. He married twice. First with Johanna Verweijen from Soerendonk, with whome he had 8 children. Later (he married) with Henrica Verweijen from Heeze, who gaven him 13 decendants. Nine children, two of his first wife, died at a young age. As you can see the workgroup learned a lot.

Not for profit

The book will be published not for profit by the "Heemkundekring" (home-knowledge-circle) DHHLZ. Thanks to our sponsors we could keep the price low. The publication has no attachment with the publisher company "Louter's antiquariaat" Bookshop.

Reduced price

The Bax-book will cost 80 guilders. And only 65 when you pre-enlist ("voorintekenen" means you buy the book before it is made so you become a kind of sponsor) If the book has to be posted to your address it will cost 10 guilders extra for shipping and handling, so it will be f75 if you pre-enlisted.


Do you want the book at a reduced price and be ensured to have it before the holidays (meaning in Holland: before Sinterklaas (Dec 5)) you have to remit the amount before September 15, 1998 to the postal clearing account 2735073 on the name of the treasurer = penningmeester van Heemkundekring "De Heerlijkheid Heeze-Leende-Zesgehuchten" and mentioning Bax-Boek.
Photo: Michiel Bax (1899) together with his help working for baker Scheepers in Aalst.


You are very welcome at the presentation on 28th of November in the communityhouse "de Meent", Juliana st.1 in Leende. The parkinglot is behind the "municipalityhouse" and you can reach it via the "Kerkstraat". Please send a postcard first with the total of persons or you can announce your coming by telephone to Ms. E. van der Heijden-Verhees. The ordered and paid books are at your disposal after the presentation.


If you do want more information you can contact:

Ms. E. van der Heijden-Verhees
Dorpstraat 129
5595CG Leende
Telephone NL 0 402 061 670
Photo: Jan Bax (1898), councillor in Leende.

Our Sponsors

Some translations:
Hypotheekkantoor = Mortgage office
bv = besloten vennootschap = a not "open" company smaller than a Ltd., most-times a family business
Mestdistributie = manure, dung distribution
Meubelen = Furniture
betonboringen = drillings in concrete
betonzagen = sawing concrete
sloopwerken = demolishing
Schilder en spuitwerken = Painting and airbrushing / spraying (for cars)

This issue is made financially possible thanks to a sum of money of the RABOBANK of Geldrop and Heeze-Leende who celebrated their 100 year anniversary in 1997.

The Anjerfondsen went financial security for this issue.

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