Three researchers have produced similar but different versions of GROENEN family history.

All events are in or near Soerendonk, Noord Brabant, The Netherlands.

Name Cisca Frank Mieke
Children of Anthony Jansen Groenen & Maria Hoogers A-6 Anna Maria 14-4-1723
Peter 19-4-1729 + 31-8-1784
538 Anna Maria 3-4-1723
Peter not found (Anthony remarries Jun1729;
1784 death is son of Jan Groenen).
Same as Cisca
Children of Johannus Groenen & Anna Maria van der Lith A-6 Petrus 2-1-1754 + 22-3-1754
Petrus 23-2-1755 + 31-8-1784
Petrus 2-1-1754 + 22-3-1754
Petrus 23-5-1755 + 31-8-1784
Same as Cisca (no birth info)
Jan Groenen A-21-7
married 9-Jul-1817 559 married 7-Sep-1817 Same as Cisca
Hendricus Groenen B-10-17 born 18-Sep-1817 566 born 19-Sep-1817 Same as Cisca
Petronella Groenen A-30-9
Five children (1873-80) with Cristiaan van Mierlo (no marriage info). 569 died 11-May-1861 at age 15.
Cristiaan van Mierlo married Petronella Geven 28-Jun-1856.
Children belong to Franciscus Groenen & Maria Davits.
Two children (1873-74) with Cristiaan van Mierlo (no marriage info).
Hendrik Groenen A-21-14A
A - married Catharina Vasen
B - marriage not mentioned
A&B - brother Andreas married Maria Catharina Vasen
802 married Maria Catharina Vasen (also called Catharina). married Catharina Vasen
Andries Groenen

Jacobus Groenen

Andreas Groenen

Maria Catharina Groenen



1) married Elisabeth van de Sanden, then Maria Catharina Vasen.

2) children of second marriage are: Jacobus and Andreas.

3) Andreas married Maria Catharina Groenen (born 2-May-1856 - no parents).





1) married Elisabeth van de Sanden, not M.C.Vasen.

2) Jacobus and Andreas are sons of Hendricus Groenen and Hendrina Geven.

3) Only child of Andries and Elisabeth is Maria Catharina Groenen (born Apr-27-1866). She married Andreas Groenen.

4) Elisabeth's mother Bakens.

1) Same as Frank

2) Same as Frank

3) Same as Frank

4) Elisabeth's mother Boelens.

Hendrina Groenen

Wilhelmus van de Wildenberg

A-22-30 Bride born 20-May-1850

Antonius (1876-1876)
Antonius (1878- )



Bride born 28-May-1850

Antonetta (1875-Aug)
M. Cath (1877-Apr)
Hendrikus (1879- )
Petronella (1881-Apr)
[perhaps 6 more]

Bride born 29-May-1850

Antonius (1876-1876)
Antonius (1878- )

Petronella Groenen A-21-20 died Nov 13 808 died Nov 12 no death info.
Allegonda Groenen A-21-25 marriage missing 813 married 3-Feb-1903 Matheus Damen. Same as Frank
Henricus Groenen

Hendrina Delissen

A-22-2 married 29-Sep-1824 562


married 21-Jun-1823 Same as Frank
Henricus Groenen

Hendrikus Groenen

A-22-10 Henricus married 3 times

Hendrikus not married.

Children of Henricus died very young.



The 2nd and 3rd marriages of Henricus (1795) are really the marriages of his first son, also called Hendrikus (1824).

Children of Henricus did not die young.

Same as Frank


Hendrikus Groenen A-22-10 wife Hendrica Gevers

Hendrika (1853)
Hendricus (1856)
Anthonetha (1854)
Johannes (1859)

835 wife: Hendrina Geven

Jacobus (1853)
Andreas (1856)

wife: Hendrina Gevers

Jacobus (1853)
Andreas (1856)

Anna Maria Groenen A-22-21 died Oct 29 857 died Oct 27 Same as Cisca
Franciscus Groenen A-22-23 married Johanna Kuijpers only 805 Married Maria Davits (6 children),
then Johanna Kuijpers.
Married Maria Davids (5 children),
then Johanna Kuijpers.
Johanna Kuijpers A-22-23 born 1839 816 born 28-Feb-1859 born abt 1849.
Cornelus Groenen A-22-26 died Feb 23 817 died Feb 21 Same as Cisca
Maria Catharina Groenen A-22-27 died Feb 25 818 died Feb 3 Same as Cisca
Andreas Groenen A-22-27 missing child 4943 born 11-May-1890, son of Franciscus Groenen and Johanna Kuijpers Same as Frank.
Cornelus Groenen A-22-28 died Mar 21 819 died Mar 20 Same as Cisca
Hendrika Groenen A-22-28 born Jul 10 823 born Jul 13 Same as Cisca

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