For each person, I have provided year and place of birth (using RSL country codes). The year is displayed as **** if person is still alive.


Index of surnames (incomplete?) having at least three generations.

Each button does something. Here's what to expect:

Load the form with names. The first button to press once page has loaded.
Navigate by ID number. Will move to previous or next person based on person's ID number.
Restore form values to those present when page was first loaded.
Since this is an ancestor chart, rather than descendants, there is only one child per couple. Pressing the "child" button will mve to the child of the person in the middle of the form.
The other buttons simply move the person beside the button to the centre of the form, then updates the form to show that person's parents and grandparents.

In an Ahnentafel chart, each person is assigned a number according to the following rules:
1) Someone has to be number 1 - The chart for whom the chart is created. In this case that is my son, Walter.
2) A person whose number is "n" has a father "2n" and a mother "2n+1".
No more rules.
You can enter an Ahnentafel code number into the form beside the child button to go directly to a particular person in the chart.
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Original JavaScript developed May 24, 1996; Page last updated November 24, 1999.
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